Millions of people around the world are gonna be receiving their roses this coming Valentine’s day.

You’ll be one of them for sure! But what will you do with them after taking your Instagram shots?

The good news is, there are some ways that we can recycle your gorgeous blooms.

  1. Make a rosewater out of it - This scented water can be used in a lot of ways. You can use it as a toning spray or even a room spray. All you need are some petals and water. 
  2. Turn them into delicious Candied Rose Petals - Really? Yup! These beauties can be turned into something yummy. By using beaten eggs, and white sugar, these rose petals can become your cupcakes’ edible decorations.
  3. Create Milk Bath from them - Just by using powdered milk, some epson salt, rose essential oil, and some dried roses, you can create milk bath from it. Leave your skin soft and hydrated with your Rose Milk Bath that will leave you scented sweetly for hours.
  4. Use them as Scented Sachets - We all want these fresh, rosy smells everyday, right? Now you know! You can make scented sachets out of your roses and put them in your room, bed, or basically anywhere in your house.

Before you recycle them, make sure you get the most out of their beauty by displaying them in your home. Check out for collections of beautiful vases that you can use!

Important note: Standard roses are fine for making sachets, but if you’re making edible or personal care products, it’s imperative that you only use organic roses that haven’t been exposed to harmful pesticides.

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