Start your year off with some Sustainable New Year's resolutions to minimize your environmental footprints! Here are some tips that you can do to have a great start with your eco-journey:

1. Minimize waste at home - Living sustainably starts at your home. Make sure to minimize your kitchen and bathroom waste by using reusable things and by doing DIY projects using natural materials.

2. Always bring your reusable utensils and/or straws, eco bags for shopping and cloth napkins - It's always best to bring your reusable utensils, straws, eco bags, and cloth napkins so you can avoid using disposable spoon and fork, plastic bags, and tissue papers on public areas.

3. Try biking or walking instead of driving - Reduce your carbon footprint by driving less. It can also be a start of your #BodyGoals as you can also exercise your bodies through biking and walking.

4. Try to avoid buying new and unnecessary things - Before you decide to buy something new, always look for second-hand alternatives but be sure to sanitize them well so as not to catch COVID.

5. Try to avoid plastic to-go containers - Your mom will probably hate this but try to avoid asking for plastic containers on your take outs. Bring your own glass or stainless steel containers to take your food to-go or better, try your best to cook at home.

6. Share your sustainable journey on Social Media - Your social media is your VOICE and POWER. Always share your sustainable living journey so you can encourage and influence more people to go green.

7. Check out Wish Gardens - You don't have to stress yourself out by looking for sustainable items for your home and garden needs! Wish Gardens have all the sustainable things you need. Check out our website to browse our items at

There are so many ways to start your sustainable journey but always remember to do it one step at a time and make sure not to overwhelm yourself to make you stick with your goals. Good luck and have a Sustainable 2021!

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