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What renews your spirit, keeps you healthy, excites you and keeps you wanting more? Every person has a unique and valued sense of beauty. At Wish Gardens we committed to your version of beauty, your vision for your home, your family and your next adventure. We are motivated by your desires and strive to show each person how they can easily go greener with outstanding guides along the way.

We are all different and live quite different lives. But we can all reduce our negative impact on the planet. Wish Gardens provides convenient resources to easily go greener. We are committed to making it easy to minimize our impact on nature and connect to the world around us.

If you add our personal shopper service, we will take even more time to get to know you and your family and your home. We are committed to help you find what is best suited for you as you journey into Eco-friendly Territory. It's easier that you think and we would never pressure you - any change to help the planet is a good change.

We prioritize sustainable materials with high quality, We also seek to improve the continuous chain of production from start to finish to help sustain our planet and our people. We are continuously releasing new products as they can be sourced from eco-friendly artisans and manufacturers. Just like you, we are on a sustainable journey and we'd love to have you join us.

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They swept me off of my feet... metaphorically and literally.  My life was upgraded top to bottom. Every time I turned around there was a new, pleasant surprise.   I was eager but intimidated as I’ve no prior experience with sustainable living.  Enter Michele... aka divine intervention! She knows everything about the home and gardening! It went kind of like this. Michele transformed the whole front of my house and garden... we had discussed what my plans were and without my asking, she worked magic. She just saw what was needed… at long last! What a gift that was!!! She knew about “square foot gardening”, which I had only heard about and wanted to investigate. She researched “Ruth Bancroft Farms” near my home - I hadn’t even heard of it - for plants native to our area for me to visit. I could go on and on, truthfully. She had already made a tentative plan for me and helped me to figure out further critical steps I can take. Her assistance touched my life. Thank you for dropping out of the sky! 

Stan, Walnut Creek, CA

Shipping Your Sustainable Products

Our products are sourced globally and shipping times will vary.
We do our best to provide you with the fastest and most economical shipping method available for your item.
If you are concerned about the delivery or receipt of your item please contact us at: customerservice@wishgardens.com, we love to help.

*Some restrictions on oversized items may apply. International orders may incur a shipping charge. (Shown in Cart)