Pure Essence Natural Stone Infused Water Bottle

Pure Essence Natural Stone Infused Water Bottle

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Purify your insight eyes with the Tiger Eye Crystal infuser bottle! 

With this tastefully handcrafted healing Natural Quartz water bottle, you can now produce your own potent crystal elixir water! The stainless steel lid of this 20.4 oz. the glass bottle is complemented by a beautiful, removable crystal infuser.

To add natural flavor and nutrients to your drinking water, place fruits and herbs in the infuser. If you're into this new age of powerful energizing energy, or if you're already reaping the health benefits of healing crystals, this bottle is a must-have.

In no time, you'll be reaping the benefits of drinking crystal-energized water! Throughout the day, the water in this bottle will be charged with pure crystal energy, and drinking this natural crystal-infused water can have long-term healing benefits.

Tiger Eye- allows you to see everything. For insight and luck. Also known to bring clear thinking. 

The glass water bottle is environmentally friendly and helps to reduce plastic waste. Cleanup is a breeze thanks to hand-washable components and a dishwasher-safe glass bottle. Purchase multiples to reap the benefits of natural crystals, which are each offered separately.

DETAILS: The bottle is made of Glass.
Bottle Size: Height 240mm / Diameter 65mm.
Bottle Weight (not include the crystal point): 380g.
Crystal Height : 85mm-95mm.