Happy International Women's Day!

According to research, women are more socially responsible when it comes to their purchase behaviors, transport, food choices and daily habits. Women are also more environmentally conscious than men, generating 32.3 kg of carbon a day
compared to men at 39.3 kg. Great job ladies!
Now here are a few new ideas to lessen our carbon footprints...

Take a look at these tips for women on how to live sustainably:


For cosmetics and toiletries:

    1. Purchase your products in bulk to lessen the packaging.
    2. Reuse or recycle packaging bottles.
    3. When removing make ups and cleaning your faces, there are non-disposable items that you can use such as flannels or crochet pads.



    For clothes:

    1. Upcycle items you already own
    2. Make your own clothes
    3. Declutter and sell clothes that you're not using
    4. Buy second hand, from a charity shop or similar
    5. Buy new clothes from an eco-friendly shop
    6. Don’t forget to wash your clothes on as low a temperature as possible and hang your clothes up to dry rather than using a tumble dryer. Also consider which laundry detergent you use.



    With that being said, Happy International Women's Day to every woman out there. Let's celebrate the social and ecological achievements and contribution of women to the earth and encourage more to start their sustainable journey!

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