Wish Gardens Giving Back

Giving to the Community
Our Multi-faceted Approach

Miabella Homes

Building sustainable and affordable homes for the disabled and homeless.  Every American should have a safe place to live and a roof over their head.  Miabella Homes works to do just that.  A portion of our profits go to helping this organization build affordable, environmentally friendly homes for those most in need - those who have disabilities, veterans and those who are homeless.  Every family, every person deserves the safety and comfort of a home of their own.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

We prioritize recycled packaging with as much recycled content as is possible from your craftsmen. We look for the highest level of post-consumer waste (versus post-industrial waste) allowed without lessening the quality of the packaging. For certain packaging needs, recycled content (especially post-consumer recycled content) is not feasible or practical. When we find this to be the case, we first look to post-industrial content and next to packaging made with renewable raw materials.

We prioritize materials that are as easily recyclable as possible, with a focus on those that can be recycled back into themselves (versus downcycled into a lower value item). Because of the first two criteria above, we have prioritized recycled paper and recycled plastic packaging and avoid virgin bioplastics.

We strive to reduce the volume of packaging and material needed by using custom shipping boxes sized perfectly for the products we deliver. We encourage reuse and recycling packaging. Please upcycle, reuse and support natural decomposition.

We use the most eco-minded inks possible, with as little petroleum as possible, produce the least amount of toxins, and that have a low impact on recycling or composting.  
We see inks as a opportunity for continued innovation and utilize new, including more eco-friendly Algae inks.

Shop for Good with  DailyKarma

Featured in Forbes, Inc, DailyKarma has been building tools to help communities give back since 2015.  Customers can round up their cart total and donate change to charities they choose or donate a custom amount at checkout.

Carbon Offsets with Carbon Checkout 

During checkout you can balance the carbon footprint of your order. 
A $1.00 contribution will offset 245 lbs of CO2 emissions. 

By simply participating in modern society – eating, working, shopping, building, traveling – we generate an unavoidable carbon footprint that cannot be eliminated through individual lifestyle choices alone. It has become necessary that, in addition to making our personal footprint as small as possible, we go beyond to participate in ground-breaking emission reduction technologies that accelerate the global transition to a low carbon, sustainable economy.

Carbon offsets are one such solution - a convenient and effective way to reduce global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions beyond what we can achieve through individual lifestyle choices. By purchasing carbon offsets, we fund projects that offset significant amounts of global GHG emissions – projects that would not exist without the support of carbon offset finance. 
Each carbon offset represents the reduction of one metric ton (2,205 lbs) of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions (CO2-e) that are permanently removed or prevented from entering the atmosphere

Wind and solar energy projects produce zero emission energy that replaces the need to extract and burn fossil fuels to meet our current energy demand, while also building the vital clean energy infrastructure that will sustain future generations. Landfill gas capture projects generate carbon offsets by capturing and destroying methane that would otherwise be emitted into the atmosphere at 25 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide. Native forest and wetland conservation projects, as well as "blue carbon" projects, remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to play an important role in carbon reduction through capture and sequestration. By funding these types of projects with the voluntary purchase of carbon offsets, we are able to achieve verifiable, measurable and permanent emission reductions. 

Proud partner of Sendle - Shipping that's Good for the World

We send our packages with a 100% carbon neutral shipping.
That means we get your goods 
where they are going while taking care of the planet. 

So what does that mean for you?
For every package sent with us, we offset the carbon emissions by investing in positive environmental causes.

Does it cost extra?
Nope! Being sustainable shouldn’t cost you more. You actually save money by being green. Pretty good, right? Together, we can make shipping that's good for the world.

Seeds of Change Partner - One Tree Can Change the World  

One and a half acres of forest is cut down every second. Planting just one tree and growing it for 30 years will offset the emissions from a drive of about 310 miles, or a flight of about 1240 miles. A single mature tree releases enough oxygen back into the atmosphere for two people to live off. A single tree provides an estimated $7 savings in annual environmental benefits, including energy conservation and reduced pollution. Just one tree can store 2755 lbs of carbon. That's the equivalent of offsetting a return flight from Los Angeles to London. Just 16 trees can offset the annual carbon emissions of an average household over its 30 year life.

Even our Banking is GreenTree

We make every effort to ensure your purchase provides the most benefit to the environment.  So, we utilize socially-conscious and sustainable cash management services and investment products with Aspiration Bank, so all of your purchases make the world a better place. And, unlike the Big Banks, they don’t use your deposits to fund oil pipelines or campaign contributions to the politicians that work against you. Additionally our bank donates 10% of every dollar our customers choose to pay us to charities helping struggling Americans build a better life. We utilize the financial industry’s leader in giving back.