Here is a collection of our favorite sustainable brands. 
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Click A Tree
Plant trees now to create habitat for endangered animal species, fight climate change and support full-time jobs and incomes for local communities. One Tree = Three good deeds – right at your finger tips! Regardless of which tree you plant, rest assured we never create useless monocultures and always pay our workers a fair salary. Our goal is to create thriving, self-sufficient ecosystems as animal habitat. And that’s what we do.


Medley Home Furnishings - Create Your Happy Place. Thoughtfully sourced furniture, handcrafted in California.  We want the materials we use to be as clean and sustainable as possible.

Stray & Wander 

Stray & Wander offers a curated collection of ethically sourced products. We value the amount of energy and skill that goes into creating these one of a kind pieces. We value traditional methods of production. We believe in buying ethically and buying less. We believe in the beauty of imperfection.

Sunday Morning 

We call it “practical decadence” - going beyond basics to discover great design, true craftsmanship, indulgent textures, and a color palette that doesn’t stop and end at bright white. Luxury for real life. Get Closer to Home.

Itemerie - Sustainable Home Items - We source the most beautiful, green products so you can make your home a more sustainable space. Find anything from a handmade ceramic planter to an organic linen mist. These accents will keep your space fresh, organized and looking its best.

Green House
Nature Hills Nursery, Inc. was originally founded in 2001 as a conifer and deciduous tree nursery. Our company has evolved and responded to our customers' demand of quality nursery products.

We have extended our offerings outside the tree and shrub products, to include perennials, rose bushes and other plants, as well as flower bulbs, seeds and a complete garden center. We plan to continue to expand products to meet the needs of our customers. 

Obakki - World-class artisans from around the globe bring you a line of ethical, handcrafted homewares, lifestyle products and meaningful collections. We believe we should know the origin of the products we buy, as well as the impact of our consumption—not only on the environment, but also on the communities and individuals who created them.


Veritas Farms

Veritas Farms - At heart, we are farmers with strong family values.  We practice sustainable farming methods, reduce our impact on the land, and remember the future generations of farmers that will follow us. We provide the purest, quality hemp oil products with transparency and passion.

Delilah Home - Sustainable Living - 
Discover why our 100% Organic Hemp Bed Sheets were awarded as the "Best Cooling Bed Sheets" by the Sleep Foundation. They keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer!


Pela - Everyday Products Without Everyday Waste™

Compostable Phone cases, AirPod cases, Watch Bands and accessories.

MadeTerra is a direct-to-consumer, online, handmade company dedicated to bringing authentic Vietnamese-hand crafted history to the world. We're a way for customers to intentionally shop for ethically-sourced products — and to share in the joy of connecting with artisans in our handicraft villages.

At greenUP we empower individuals to reduce their use of plastic through bi-monthly subscription boxes and a plan we like to call plastic rehab.


Urban Leaf specializes in beginner and apartment-friendly edible indoor gardening kits. We offer both hydroponic (soil-free) and soil-based kits, that enable consumers to experience the joy and satisfaction of growing their own food - even if they live in an urban area.

We are a small family business specializing in organic, all natural, nontoxic, eco-friendly & sustainable 100% bamboo bedding. Our luxuriously soft products include our bestselling bamboo sheets, as well as comforters, duvet covers, throw blankets, pillowcases, and sleep masks.

Supernatural - Tune in and elevate the vibrational resonance of your home and body with Supernatural’s frequency based cleaning products. Our consciously crafted extrasensory botanicals are a ceremony of nature to bring ritual back into your life and help you manifest magic with a new cleansing ritual!